Dog Days of Summer 2015

What do dogs have to do with collision repair?

..hmmm, not too sure 🙂

This TV commercial was conceived by Jupiter Marketing in 1998 as a part of a series of black and white videos that introduced the color pink to symbolize the Three-C Body Shop brand. (Please note that the strange green color in the pink effect is not intended, but is due to the technical limitations of standard-definition television video transferred to VHS tape.)

We hope you enjoy a peek into our archives, and encourage you to visit our main website:

Alert, defensive driving is the only way to avoid an accident on Ohio’s highways.

This Summer has been wet so far, and wet roads can be surprisingly dangerous, especially if your tires are worn or your brakes need adjustment.

At Three-C Body Shop, we want you to drive carefully all year-round, and to download our FREE PINK BUTTON app, just in case.

Here are the links for iPhone and Android apps: again, all FREE!

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