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Another vintage TV commercial ( actually two of them ) that expresses the frustration over how insurance companies treat their customers when they have an accident and need collision repair services.  People who work at collision repair shops see first-hand how insurance adjusters will scrimp on repair quality to maximize their profits.

Bob Juniper initiated several campaigns to illustrate how frustrating it can be working with the insurance industry ( “…insurance companies make me so mad, it makes me see PINK..” ).

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting more of these vintage Three-C Body Shop videos to show how Bob has used tongue-in-cheek humor ( sometimes outrageous!! ) to illustrate the all-important message of knowing your rights when it comes to collision repair services.

All kidding aside, these repair compromises can be dangerous, so you owe it to your family to deal with a collision repair company like Three-C Body Shop.

Be sure to check out the short videos here on that explain how ‘steering’ occurs and what you need to know to protect your investment, and your family.

Bob gladly put “his money where his mouth is” by developing the PINK BUTTON app and making it available FREE for iPhone and Android users.

Read all about it and download it now for peace of mind.

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