Three-C Body Shop TV is ‘On the Air’

Welcome to Three-C Body Shop TV!

Three C Body Shop has a sixty-year history serving central Ohioans, and some of that service would make a good movie!

Bob Juniper (second-generation owner/operator) has some great tales about the early history of the company, and he deserves the chance to tell you those stories, and why “We care about you and your car”  is NOT just a slogan.

We understand that vehicle collision repair is not what we want to think about, but when you need it, Three-C Body Shop is there to help you avoid the stress and inconvienience, and you can always begin the process by using our free PINK BUTTON APP.

It is designed to help you avoid costly mistakes, like being ‘steered’ by an insurance company to a body shop that would sacrifice quality in order to make a bigger profit.

Just one touch and everything, all of the normal hassles are taken care of.

The entire staff of Three-C body Shop wishes you safe travels in 2015 and beyond.

Download the PINK BUTTON APP, again, it’s free and could be the most valuable app on your phone;
don’t leave home unprotected!!



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